Mini Food Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to keep your guests topped up on food and provide a bountiful collection of different flavours at your wedding, mini food is a must. Far more chic than a lot of couples expect, the world of wedding catering has fallen (back) in love with bitesize treats!

We can see why, too. Our chefs at Chives Caterers in Ashford, Kent, love the idea of miniature wedding food options. It means that you can have more variety in your side dishes and let guests pick what they want, making even the fussiest of eaters happy! They also look incredibly cute, too, and you can dress them up to be as stylish or sophisticated as you wish.

To give you some inspiration for wedding nibble ideas, we’ve put together some of our favourites to help you out.


Mini Waffles and Syrup

Let’s start with dessert first, because who doesn’t love something sweet? These mini waffles and syrup treats will certainly delight your guests! In little glasses (just bigger than a shot glass), pour some sweet syrup. Then take your tiny waffles and slice them about half-way up so you can stick them on the edge of the glass. If you’re stuck for dessert wedding food ideas, these are certainly a great option!


Mini baked potatoes stuffed with blue cheese

From our own mini food wedding catering menu, we love our mini baked potatoes stuffed with blue cheese. Using bite-sized potatoes rather than the usual, much-larger jacket potatoes we’re used to, these make a tasty snack without filling guests up too much. Stuffed with strong blue cheese, there’s also something more sophisticated about these mini-baked potatoes than your regular version.


Spaghetti and Meatballs

Mini spaghetti and meatballs is a real crowd pleaser. Grab a cocktail stick and pop a tasty meatball on the end (you can also have vegetarian options to make sure everyone’s happy). Then, wrap a decent amount of spaghetti around the stick so it rests on the meatball. Make sure you get a good mouthful, but not enough that it drowns out the meatball. Then, you can either drizzle them in sauce, or serve them with little pots that guests can dip their own in.


Mini Pies

Another from our own wedding nibble ideas are these delicious mini-pies. With the meaty flavours of kangaroo and black pepper, pheasant and wild mushroom, and rabbit and mustard, our pies may be small in size, but their flavour certainly isn’t! They’re a real crowd pleaser and add a rustic yet stylish feel to your wedding menu.


Mini BLT

Who doesn’t love a BLT? In this mini-version, you can provide guests with a much-loved sandwich staple whilst not making it a main-feature of your wedding menu. Simply stack smaller portions of the components of a BLT – bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato and usually some kind of sauce or mayonnaise, for anyone wondering – and pierce through with a cocktail stick for easy eating. Does mini food get much better?


If you need help with your wedding menu, our chefs and culinary experts at Chives Caterers can help you out. We offer wedding catering in Ashford, though we do travel to other areas of the UK too to serve up our delicious delights.