Creating a Foodie Wedding

If you and your partner identify as ‘foodies’, it’s likely you’ll want your menu to be a pretty big focus at your wedding. We doubt any of your guests will complain about that! A foodie wedding is a great way to add a touch of sophistication and ensure your day reflects your interests as a couple.

To help you create a menu you both love, we’ve put together some tips and wedding menu ideas to help you out.


Have Fun with your Foodie Wedding

A lot of couples who love food can become bogged down in created a wedding menu, which definitely takes the fun out of the whole thing. Throughout the process of tasting and selecting your wedding food, remember to have fun and enjoy the process! Be adventurous and don’t always stick to a three-course plan.


Hors d’Ouevres

The hors d’ouevres you serve at your wedding are a chance to experiment with your wedding food and introduce your guests to a variety of flavours and food combinations. As a couple of foodies, this is a great time to experiment with more unique tastes, so play around and try something new!


Here are a few ideas from our wedding catering menu to inspire you:


·         Spring wrap parcels of spiced aubergine, tomato & avocado

·         Mini tarts of shredded chipotle pork & apple sauce

·         Gruyere and sun-dried tomato tartlets

·         Gin cured salmon on wholegrain toasts

·         Chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon

·         Szechwan tiger prawns wrapped in fried noodle


Cheese Tasting

If you love the finer foods in life, chances are you’re probably a big fan of cheeses. Why not incorporate a laid-back, fun cheese tasting into your wedding menu? You could either do this as part of your sit-down meal, or have an area set up where guests can go and taste the cheeses you’ve picked as and when they fancy it. A cheese-tasting is a definite sign of a foodie wedding!


Create a Dessert Bar

Dessert is a great time to get people up and involved, and often your guests will be ready to leave their seats and move around, so a dessert bar can be a great option. It also gives you the chance to experiment with a variety of different desserts – you can even make them bite-size for easy eating whilst your guests walk around and chat!


Here are just a few of the desserts from our wedding catering menu you can take a look at to get the ball rolling:


·         Beetroot and Chocolate Cake with beetroot sauce

·         Apple, Pistachio and Pinenut Cake with apple glaze and apple granita

·         Chocolate and Amaretto Cake with creme fraiche

·         Butterscotch and Pecan Tart

·         Lemon Posset, fresh berries with polenta biscuits


At Chives Caterers, we believe food should be a focal point of any wedding and a wedding menu should be curated carefully to reflect the couple. If you agree and are looking to have a foodie wedding, take a look at our wedding catering company in Ashford, Kent, today!