Food Wedding Favours

Wedding favors are a traditional part of weddings, and also something fun that you and your partner can arrange for your guests. If you want yours to be a little different and have the chance to be creative with what you give, why not opt for food wedding favors? You can’t go wrong with a tasty treat!

Here are 10 of the Chives Catering team’s favourite wedding favor ideas that you can take inspiration from.



Everyone loves a doughnut, so why not gift them as your wedding favors? You can make them look colourful, chic or stacked with mountains of chocolate – it’s up to you! Put each doughnut into a beautiful box or, if you’re having a more rustic wedding, have a warm doughnut in a little cardboard pocket.


Artisan Chocolates

Chocolate is no new idea, but artisan chocolates have certainly been giving the scene a make-over. From metallic to covered with gold-leaf, these rather fancy looking chocolate treats make great edible wedding favors that no-one will leave behind.


Hangover Tea

What better way to give everyone a helping hand the morning after your wedding than with an energising tea? You could either gift everyone loose-leaf with a tea-strainer or have tea-bags with personalised tags on them.



Especially good if you’re having a fire pit at an outdoor wedding, you can package little bundles of s’mores for your guests. Wrap the ingredients up and add a little tag with instructions of what to do. There are also a ton of ways you can play with the word ‘S’More’ so go ahead and get creative!



Stylish, simple and definitely makes a statement, macaroons make for brilliant wedding favor ideas. Place two complimentary coloured macaroons into a little box inscribed with the date of your wedding and your names for a touch of class at your foodie wedding.


A Drink to Go

Get the party started with a miniature bottle of champagne when your guests arrive at your reception. You can even personalise the labels for your guests or as a memento for your wedding day.


Hot Chocolate Stick

If you’re having a winter wedding, a hot chocolate stick may just be the perfect idea for food wedding favors. You can have yours flavoured and decorated, with instructions on a cute tag of how your guests can use it to warm themselves up after their journey back home.


Personalised Biscuits

Biscuits, like chocolate, have been given an upgrade over the years and now make delightful food wedding favors. Have yours decorated beautifully and inscribed with each of your guests’ names for a personal touch.


Granola Jars

Great for rustic weddings (especially if guests are staying over!) granola jars both look pretty and serve a great purpose. Fill a mason jar with granola, dried fruits, nuts and little pieces of chocolate for a tasty breakfast treat. As a finishing touch, tie a length of twine around the top and attach a little tag for each of your guests.


Take-Away Wedding Cake

With the rush of weddings, not everyone manages to get a slice of cake, so why not do-away with eating it whilst you’re there? Instead, give it as your edible wedding favors by gifting each guest with a beautifully crafted take-away box. Then, they can really appreciate your delicious cake rather than wolfing it down between dancing!


If you’re looking for a wedding catering company who can cook up sweet treats for your wedding favor ideas, our team at Chives Caterers will be able to help you out. We’ve been working as wedding caterers for years and can tailor what we do for your wedding, giving you the day you’ve always dreamed of.