Choosing your Vegetarian Wedding Menu

Nowadays, it’s pretty common for weddings to have an entirely vegetarian – or even vegan – menu. It’s a lifestyle that’s becoming increasingly popular, so it’s not surprising! Having a vegetarian wedding menu can introduce your guests to new and unique dishes they may not have tried before. But for us if you as a couple are vegetarian/ vegan or pescatarian then the menu should reflect you as a couple, the day after all is all about YOU!


Vegetarian Wedding Catering

At Chives Caterers, we offer vegetarian wedding catering with a wide variety of delicious dishes. If you’re struggling to think of how you can create a vegetarian wedding menu to please your guests, we’ve collected some of our own favourite recipes we offer clients as well as some we’ve found elsewhere that we love.


Canape selections

Every caterer should be able to offer you a really lovely selection of vegetarian canapes, these should start the excitement building for the guests who have been dreading a nut roast! Beautiful pea pancakes with red houmous, Mushroom & thyme tarts, Gruyere & sun dried tomato tarts, Cauliflower & pea falafels, Beetroot arancini balls , ensure there is a mixture of colours & textures, many of these can also be vegan you just need to ensure that your caterer makes everything from scratch so it’s easy to tweak your selection to cover any other dietary requirements.


Provencal Tart

This is a beautiful summery start to a wedding breakfast, or great as part of a buffet.

Layers of roasted aubergine, courgette, peppers, tomatoes,  olives and thyme on a crisp pastry base,  topped with Ashmore & mozzarella cheese & baked, served at room temperature on mixed leaves with a fresh tomato sauce, we also make a Vegan version with either a crumb & herb topping or with vegan cheese.


Twice baked Ashmore cheese souffle with a mustard butter sauce

For any vegetarian wedding catering required, this is a sure crowd pleaser, vegetarian or nut, crisp on the outside and melting in the mouth soft inside,  So whether you are having a vegetarian wedding or just a vegetarian option this is a winner. You can also serve as a duo with a filo parcel of leek, feta & sun dried tomato parcel.


Vegetarian BBQ Buffet

A great way to show your guests how fabulous vegetarian food is, is to have a Vegetarian BBQ , not just vegetarian sausages but Spicy black bean & avocado burgers, Roasted peppers stuffed with corn, sweet potato & mozzarella finished on the BBQ, Mushrooms stuffed with spinach & Marinated Paneer & vegetable skewers all served with yummy fresh salads, whenever we serve a Vegetarian BBQ the meat eaters tell us they didn’t miss the meat at all..Try it..


At Chives Caterers, we’re experts in wedding cuisine and our chefs are trained for vegetarian wedding catering. We’ll help you curate your perfect vegetarian menu that’ll help you make your day true to your lifestyle and still keep your guests happy. Check out our menus for more culinary inspiration!