Choosing your Vegetarian Wedding Menu

Nowadays, it’s pretty common for weddings to have an entirely vegetarian – or even vegan – menu. It’s a lifestyle that’s becoming increasingly popular, so it’s not surprising! Having a vegetarian wedding menu can also help to reduce costs and introduce your guests to new and unique dishes they may not have tried before.


Vegetarian Wedding Catering

At Chives Caterers, we offer vegetarian wedding catering with a wide variety of delicious dishes. If you’re struggling to think of how you can create a vegetarian wedding menu to please your guests, we’ve collected some of our own favourite recipes we offer clients as well as some we’ve found elsewhere that we love.


Avocado Pomegranate Crostini

On a base of lightly toasted, fresh baguette bread, topped with avocado, pomegranate, lime and seasoning, these crostini are light and very tasty! The fresh flavours of the lime and pomegranate paired with the creamy avocado makes for a delightful mixture of flavours. If you’re not vegan, add some feta cheese for some more depth.


Warm Goats Cheese Salad

From our own range of vegetarian wedding menu ideas, our chefs and customers love our warm goats cheese salad! With roasted red peppers, fresh spinach leaves, julienne vegetables and a sweet walnut and honey dressing alongside our rich goats cheese, this is perfect as a side to a meal or a starter.


Mini Pizzas

It’s very easy to create vegetarian pizzas, and mini versions of the much-loved Italian dish look chic and make for great starters and snacks! Create a platter with different, colourful toppings that your guests can pick from. You can have some without cheese or with a vegan substitute too, ensuring your catering for everyone.


Vegetarian Cannelloni

Our vegetarian wedding catering team developed this delicious cannelloni recipe for a vegetarian wedding and it’s proved very popular! Filled with aubergine, roasted peppers, tomato, basil and mozzarella, it’s perfect all year round and a real crowd-pleaser.



Sushi’s a unique and tasty choice for a vegetarian wedding. You can fill yours with a variety of different recipes, from avocado and mango to spicy shitake mushroom, or just keep it simple with cucumber, carrot and ginger. Serve with soya sauce in a dipping bowl and a variety of Japanese inspired salads for something truly different!


At Chives Caterers, we’re experts in wedding cuisine and our chefs are trained for vegetarian wedding catering. We’ll help you curate your perfect vegetarian menu that’ll help you make your day true to your lifestyle and still keep your guests happy. Check out our menus for more culinary inspiration!