Planning your Wedding Menu

There’s a lot you have to plan when you’re organising your wedding – and we do mean, a lot; though you probably already know that! One of those many things is the food. Even if you and your partner are massive foodies, conjuring up wedding menu ideas often leaves couples stumped.


Wedding Menu Ideas from Chefs

To help you find the inspiration you need to create a killer menu, our wedding catering team have put together some of the best ways we know to get over a food-related creative block. Take a look through and see if you can find the idea you’ve been looking for.


Find your Favourites

A great way to come up with wedding menu ideas is for you and your partner to sit down and come up with a list of your favourite foods. These don’t have to be meals, just what you love to eat; anything from salt and vinegar crisps to caviar is welcome! After all, your wedding should be a celebration of you two, so even if it’s something a little weird, it can be nice to incorporate what you love into your menu.


Reflect your Relationship

When it comes to foods to serve at a wedding, it can be nice to reflect your relationship in your culinary treats. So, for example, if your first date was at an Italian restaurant, serve up the two dishes you chose (if you can remember!). Or, if you met in a different country, you could serve the native dishes.


Seasonal Choices from the Locals

Seasonal fruit and vegetable always taste better – especially when they’re locally sourced! Take a look at the grocers and farms that are near your venue and see what they’ll have in stock around the time of your big day. Once you know what you can use, you can find recipes to fit the ingredients!


Vegan and Vegetarian

If you’re vegan and vegetarian, this is a bit more of an obvious choice of foods to serve at weddings. But, if you’re not, why not try it out? It can be super fun creating a meat-free menu and will put a different spin on your wedding! Try dishes you’ve never thought of and treat your guests to the diverse and flavoursome world of vegetarian and vegan cuisine.


Consider your Venue

A lot of couples like to get inspiration for their wedding catering from their venue and surroundings. For example, if you’re buy the sea, focus on a seafood menu, or if you’ve chosen to have your wedding reception in a castle hall, serve up a big, medieval-inspired feast.


Cater for Everyone

If it’s trying to cater to all the possible dietary requirements that’s stressing you out, we’ve got the perfect solution. On your RSVP’s, pop a little section where they can write any allergies or dietary request. For example, you could have:


·         Vegan

·         Vegetarian

·         Allergies or Intolerances (please write yours down)


 Let them know that they have to get the cards back before a certain date so that you can have time to prepare reserve meals for those people.


At Chives Caterers, we’re a wedding catering company with plenty of experience in menus! If you’re struggling with yours, it might be time to call in the help of our professional chefs. We’ll work with you to create a menu you both love – and all your guests will, too!