Wedding food ideas on a budget

Weddings are notoriously expensive – if you’re not careful, costs can spiral out of control. One way to reduce the financial burden of tying the knot is to consider wedding catering on a budget. Believe it or not, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy top notch cuisine without the hefty price tag, so here’s how to keep food costs down at a wedding.

1.       Choose food that you enjoy

One of the best tips for catering at a wedding is to go for foods that you actually want to eat. Unless you mingle with the rich and famous, your guests probably won’t be expecting luxury dishes such as foie gras, lobster, king prawns or fillet steak – so keep it simple. If you’re holding your reception in an informal setting like a pub, how about opting for British classics like pie and mash or chicken and roast potatoes as they are likely to be cheaper than anything served with truffles or caviar?

Keep in mind: most people remember a delicious plate of food rather than a posh plate of food that maybe they’ve never had before and wouldn’t have again.

2.       Opt for a buffet over a sit down meal

At the planning stages of your wedding, be sure to get prices for both a sit down meal and a buffet. More often than not you’ll find that buffet tables work out cheaper as you’ll have different catering options and won’t have to worry about waitressing costs – maybe your family can even chip in and make some of the delicacies themselves? What’s more, there’s usually something for everyone at a buffet table,so no one goes hungry – even the fussy ones.

3.       Skip a course

One of the best tips for catering a wedding is to skip a course and serve your canapésas a starter. Your guests are going to be hungry after the ceremony and photographs – especially if they’ve not eaten since breakfast – and will certainly appreciate something to eat. Provide them with some wholesome treats such as pâté on toasted breadand they won’t even notice when you go straight in to the main course at the wedding breakfast. Moreover, do you really need wedding cake and a dessert?  The wedding cake is dessert!  Usually guests are so full after a three-course meal that the cake gets left or taken home.

4.       Choose sparkling wine, not Champagne

Toasting the new Mr and Mrs wouldn’t be the same without bubbles right? That’s fair enough but do you really need to splash out on Champagne? Will anyone really mind if it’s not the real deal? Prosecco has become highly fashionable of late and with so many amazing sparkling wines on the market you really don’t have to break the bank with a dozen or so bottles of Veuve Clicquot.

5.       Cutback at the reception

It’s difficult to invite everyone to the main event and you may have to be really strict to keep the numbers under control but work mates and acquaintances will be more than happy to join you in the evening to celebrate your special day. If you’re on a budget, providing a second meal in the evening may be out of the question but that doesn’t mean you need to leave guests starving. Why not consider late night bacon butties or maybe one of the new trendy food stations that are so popular these days? Think taco bar or pizza table. Wedding food ideas on a budget can still be innovative and exciting and will help to keep everyone happy.

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